How to earn a Dolly Rosette

Tue, Apr 28, 2009

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How to earn a Dolly Rosette

To recieve a Dolly Rosette you must be very special indeed. There’s only a handful of kids that have our Rosette so you’ll be unique amongst friends and a sure-fire talking point. Very pretty too.

When you get your Dolly Rosette have a huge well done from us! Be sure to wear with a really bright shirt to really show it off to the World how wonderful you are. We don’t want anyone to miss you.

Each Rosette comes with a card which is signed by Elsie congratulating the recipient.  Please specify your favorite bright colour and size for your TShirt (if required)

Rosette Size: 15×11cm tall. excluding tails

Recommended Shirts: Emerald Green, Cerise Pink, Marine Blue, Sunset Yellow

Dolly Rosette: Price £5.50
Dolly Bright TShirt: Price £4.00

P&P £1.95

Also in the Dolly Collection: Dolly Bag

To order please email

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