A tale of bravery borne from magic seed.

Sun, May 3, 2009


A tale of bravery borne from magic seed.


“Jimmy & Frankie awoke in amazement, Seeing a huge flower-stalk, many leaves, one huge flower! Rise to the clouds more tall than a tall California pine-tree; High as a lark was Jimmy, with Franky close behind climbing.

A bridge-like this long pod stretch’d out, and touch’d on an island, veil’d in vapour. A shape from the island waved him a signal, waved with a shining hand. I am a fairy, a friend to ye, Jimmy n Frankie ; see yonder a Giant lives, who slew your own good father, see what a fortress!

Enter it, have no fear, since I, your fairy, protect you.” Jimmy & Frankie march’d up to the gate, not knowing what to prevail…”

Pack Size: 10×7cm.

Jimmy & Frankie’s Magic Sunflower Seeds: Price £2.50
P&P 50p

To order please email elsie.sparrow@gmail.com

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